With a father from Tennessee and a mother from Louisiana, good food was always on our table.  From ribs, shrimp po’boys, gumbo, stuffed peppers, and the best lemon ice box pie, to my favorite which is rice and gravy, I couldn’t get enough.  I didn’t always know how to cook but I loved good food – comfort food.  I practiced making a roux for years, starting off easy with just gumbo Yaya.  Yaya means chicken and is the easiest dish to learn to make a roux.  From there I moved to the red beans and rice.  I never cooked my beans long enough and my kids suffered as I learned. 

I know the exact day when it changed for me.  I was in Memphis with my father’s side of the family and I woke up with my aunt at about 5 a.m. to start Thanksgiving dinner.  She was going to teach me all my grandmother’s recipes.  I was ready, I had pen and paper trying to keep up.  Finally, I said, “How much butter you put in there!!”  She said, “I don’t measure, I cook from my heart because I love you.”  From that day forward I begin to cook from my heart.  That means, not rushing, not measuring just taking your time and tasting until it is right.  It worked, and now I am ready to share my heart with all of you.  It is comfort food, just like my family made it.  Welcome to The Gumbo Hut.

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    • Hi the menu listed is the full menu. The best way to know what we have in stock is to hit the order now button. The menu is updated with sold-out items in real-time.

      • My husband and I would like to order the seafood Gumbo, but I don’t see it as a drop down menu item. We really enjoyed it before.

  1. Hi! This looks so yummy. Do all your dishes contain gluten? My son and I have to eat gluten free, and sometimes it stinks;) I know anything starting with roux will contain flour, but would any of your other dishes happen to be gluten free? 🙂

  2. Hi can you please update your hours on your website/google? Both say you’re open on Thursday and we tried to go but the restaurant was closed. Would love to try your food!

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